[Hallb] CEBAF machine status and beam to Hall-B

Stepan Stepanyan stepanya at jlab.org
Tue Oct 28 10:09:43 EDT 2014

Dear all,

As of last night CEBAF accelerator was able to deliver CW beam to Hall-D.
This is a very important milestone, indicating that the 12 machine is ready
for physics. In fact, the beam time accounting recorded more than 2 hours
of beam for physics. Beam delivery to other halls, A and B, depends on the
success in the beam commissioning for the Hall-D, and commissioning of
the RF separators. Both are expected to be completed this week.

As of today, it looks like the machine will be able to start the Hall-B 
commissioning (to the tagger dump) as early as next Tuesday, November 4,
or (most likely) on Wednesday, November 5. We expect it will take a week++
to get the upstream beam line commissioned and get a physics quality beam
to the tagger dump. The beam commissioning for HPS will follow after that.

During the beamline commissioning period, from November 4 to November 22,
and before start of the official HPS shifts, we need to man the Hall-B 
room. As we planned earlier, shifts will be covered by the local 
So please, send me an email by the end of the week on your availability 
for shifts,
indicating days and times. We will keep the same shift hours as it is 
now set for HPS -
experts: 8am - 4pm, 4pm - 12am, 12am - 8am
workers: 7am - 3pm, 3pm - 11pm, 11pm - 7am
It is likely that the day shifts will be canceled due to work in the 
Hall, but for now we
assume that it 7/24 operations (max 54x2 shifts).

Regards, Stepan

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