[Hallb] HPS installation

Stepan Stepanyan stepanya at jlab.org
Sun Mar 1 20:51:05 EST 2015

Dear all,

I am pleased to inform you that the installation of the SVT has
been completed successfully yesterday. We also were able to
close the vacuum and start pumping down downstream part
of the beamline, from the second girder to the dump. As of
now, gauge at 2H02 girder reads 7.5E-5. Considering how much
stuff we put in the vacuum chamber, the vacuum level after only
a day of pumping, with chillers for SVT and FEB running is a
good sign. Overall, vacuum in the beamline has been improved
dramatically, see attached. The remaining 5 meters long stretch
of the beamline through the tagger yoke will be pumped down
Monday or Tuesday.

Many thanks to the Hall-B engineering group for a great support.
Especial thanks to Denny and Todd who supported the SVT installation,
leak check of the cooling lines, and buttoning up the beamline and
pumping it down on Saturday.

Regards, Stepan

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