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Sat Mar 28 11:14:10 EDT 2015

Hello all,

Please see RC's email below. No beam to halls over weekend.


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Subject: 	[Hps] HPS Weekend Shifts CANCELLED
Date: 	Sat, 28 Mar 2015 15:10:57 +0000
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Dear HPS,

The PD just informed me that there will be no beams over the weekend. CHL1, which cools He for the S Linac, has
serious mechanical problems. CHL2, for the N Linac, appears to be working, and RF tests are planned.

Accordingly, all HPS weekend shifts are CANCELLED. This includes today (Mar 28) day and swing, tomorrow (Mar 29) owl, day, and swing, and Monday (Mar 30), owl.

On Monday morning, we should hear plans from MCC for going forward. It is possible, even if CHL1 repairs require a long time, that the program could revert to lower energy running which requires only one CHL. We will learn the next steps Monday.


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