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Dear Hall B,

Thank you for all your support for the HPS engineering run, which concluded this morning at 6AM.

It has been a long haul, but thanks to you detectors and magnets and beamline were installed, vacuum and beam position monitoring improved, and power outages, leaks, and recalcitrant harps handled and fixed. You played a critical role in turning HPS into a working experiment.

Thanks especially for coordinating work on CLAS 12 with HPS running so effectively and providing us time when the CLAS 12 schedule would allow. It made a huge difference for us back in December, and again in March. In the end, the nights and weekends scheme worked well, and provided us with a lot of good running. In all, we were able to accumulate roughly 5 Billion triggers with the full detector in place. This includes about  4 Billion with the SVT at its 1/2 mm setting, roughly 2.4 PAC days worth (10mC).

The experiment has worked amazingly well. We've triggered and written data at very high rates and positioned our silicon sensors a scant 500 um from the beam. And we've done this while maintaining stable temperatures in the Ecal and SVT and  good vacuum and precision positioning in the SVT. The beamline has performed beautifully.

The  JLAB contingent of the collaboration and the Hall B engineering and technical staff were critical to our success . You helped provide the strong backs and constant dedication the experiment depended on throughout this run. Your  expertise on the beamline and Hall B equipment made a real difference.

Thank you!

For HPS,
Maurik, John, and Stepan

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