[Hallb] Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving

Serguei Pozdniakov sergpozd at jlab.org
Tue Nov 24 22:59:12 EST 2015

My Dear Former Colleagues and JLab Soccer Team Mates,

I think this is a good time to say a Big Thanks to all of you for 
everything what you did for me:
for inviting me to JLab in the late 90's to join a powerful team - CLAS 
online group;
for accepting me at the beginning as a Term and then as a Full member of 
collaboration CLAS;
for giving me the opportunity to learn progressive programming languages 
and work with many types of modern electronics;
for tremendous support to me during these long 17 years;
for help and understanding;
for nice soccer games and sweet victories;
and many many other good things.

Thank you all.

You've probably heard that my contract with JLab ended in June, 
I was looking for a new position long enough, and finally found the 
really good one in Richmond.
Maybe it is a bit far from my house, but usually the traffic is quite 
good and fast.

I want to wish you Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving Holidays.

Hope to see you again somewhere sometime.

Sincerely yours, Sergey P.

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