[Hallb] Shifts for KPP run

Eugene Pasyuk pasyuk at jlab.org
Thu Jan 26 09:28:13 EST 2017

Dear collaborators, 

Thanks to everyone who volunteered so far. We have all covered until February 13. 
You can see present shit allocation here: 
We still have some vacant slots after that. Please let me know if you are available for these shifts 

Reminder to those who already signed up. Make sure your training is up to date. 

Required training is: 

RadWorker I 
Hall B safety awareness (SAF111) which includes walkthrough 

If anyone needs walkthrough please contact me know ASAP so I can arrange it early next week. 



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> Subject: Shifts for KPP run

> Dear collaborators,

> As you know we have to demonstrate Key Performance Parameters (KPP) of CLAS12
> with the beam.
> The KPP run is scheduled for February 3-16. We need to staff shifts for this
> period. Even though most of the work will be handled by the system exerts we
> still need regular shifts in the counting house. As usual there will be three
> 8-hour shift a day with two people per shift. At this time we are calling for
> volunteers. The schedule may change therefore we are counting more on people
> who don't need to travel from afar. Those who took shifts for HPS or PRad are
> especially encouraged.
> We have have all relevant information for this run on the web
> https://www.jlab.org/Hall-B/run-web/
> You can find all run relevant documents which among other things outline safety
> and required training.
> Stepan will serve as the Run Coordinator for this run and I will be the PDL.

> If you are available and willing to take shifts during this period please send
> Stepan and me email with your availability.

> Thanks,

> -Eugene
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