[Hallb] RICH is taking cosmic muons data

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Wed Sep 6 09:09:57 EDT 2017

Good job, Valery, in getting this large project done.  
Nice looking signals  - Mac

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Dear All, 

On Friday September 1st before midnight RICH group started to take cosmic data with 32 tiles (96 MAPMTs, 64 pixels each) completely equipped with front-end electronics. So in total we have 6144 RICH channels. The trigger is using information from two trigger RICH tiles and two scintillator counters. Please take a look to the attached plots. 
You can find more pictures with Cherenkov rings and experimental equipment in 


The signal in the center of the ring is coming from the muon hitting the front face of the MAPMT. 
It has many pixels fired. 
DAQ and front-end are working very stable. 
A lot of people and groups are participating in this project. Many thanks to all of them! 


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