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Some clarification. 

Those who took Hall-B walk-through (SAF111) after September of 2014 do not need to do it again. You only need to read and sign SAF111 on-line. 


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> Dear Collaborators,

> As you all know starting December 4th we will have two weeks of CLAS12
> engineering run. It will be followed by the first physics run staring mid
> January. This means we are moving towards routine operation of CLAS12 with
> continuous shifts 24/7. It is time to get ready for this. Particularly to bring
> your training up to date and familiarize yourself with run safety documentation
> and detector operation manuals and procedures. This must be done BEFORE your
> first shift. You can find relevant information on Hall B web pages:
> https://www.jlab.org/Hall-B/run-web/ and
> https://wiki.jlab.org/clas12-run/index.php/Engineering_Run

> The required training for shift takers:
> 1. RadWorker I training
> 2. ODH training
> 3. Hall B safety awareness (SAF111) and walk-through.

> You also need to be familiar with Conduct of Operations (COO) and Experiment
> Safety Assessment Document (ESAD).

> During the week of the Collaboration meeting (October 2-6) we are planning to
> organize walk-through sessions.
> Please let me know if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity. The
> walk-through is the last piece of training. All other training must be
> completed before that and you need to have dosimeter in your possession.

> -Eugene

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