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Dear all,

There has been some issues (already) in the signup Google sheet. It is fixed now, we have a different one. So, please sign up for remote shifts using the following URL -
No login for this one.

Regards, Stepan

Dear all,

We started the RG-F run and currently taking calibration data at 1 pass (2.19 GeV). While we operate under Medcon-5 status, things are going relatively smoothly. Hall-B/CLAS12 operates with limited shift staffing, with only shift experts present in the counting room during the day and swing shifts.

Given the situation with Covid-19, we expect that the travel restriction will remain in place for a while and we have to plan for the limited shift staffing in the future. To mitigate the situation with shifts and provide opportunities for the collaboration to contribute to the running of the experiments, we are planing to institute remote shifts for CLAS. As has been discussed at the collaboration meeting (see slide 7 of Kyungseon's presentation) we want to initiate and test the remote shift taking now, during the RG-F run. The main purpose of the remote shift is to support the single shifter during the day and swing shifts.

With this email we are calling for volunteers to participate in a trial run of remote shifts. You can signup for shifts at - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/175QpsGk5Jw7rgCAhv_Z60BnNSqDX9GutnvZvlfGfrys/edit#gid=0
using clas12run at gmail.com<mailto:clas12 at gmail.com> account with the CLAS password. The assignments will later be transferred to the regular shift scheduling.

Here are the requirements for the remote shift taking and how it has been set up:

  *   The remote shifter’s responsibility is limited to the monitoring of the beam delivery and operations of CLAS12. Control of devices or running DAQ and other applications will not be part of the duties.
  *   The remote monitoring uses web-based tools, no need for remote login to JLAB computer system. The shifter needs to have decent internet and large enough computer screens to be able to monitor a couple of browsers. Communication with the counting room will use a bluejeans session (link on the wiki page).
  *   All the necessary information for remote shift is available on the RG-F wiki - https://wiki.jlab.org/clas12-run/index.php/Run_Group_F#tab=Remote_Shifts. This page, created by Nathan Baltzell, is structured in the following way (you need CUE account) -
     *   The bluejeans info for communication with the counting room
     *   Webopi for the EPICS screens has a link to the main beamline GUI
     *   Strip charts use WAVE (web MYA utility). There are links to preset real-time strip charts for the halo counter rates, and the beam current and position
     *   CLAS12 monitoring using Mon12 histograms link to the monitoring page with the reference, current and most recent histograms

What you should do if you are a remote shifter:

  *   join the bluejeans session 10 - 15 min before the shift,
  *   let the person in the counting room know that you are connected,
  *   open the necessary web pages, make sure everything is clear (i.e. beam poisons and current, the halo counter and detector rates, etc.).
  *   start monitoring, keep communication alive with the counting room, notify shift expert for any deviations from the normal conditions
  *   help the shifter in the counting room if needed, e.g. if information must be found in the logbooks. At the end of the shift make sure the counting room knows that you are signing off.

Please note, the system of remote shifts is new, we are testing it now and adjustments for smooth operations will be needed - your feedback is important. Collaborators are encouraged to test the system even if they are not on the shift and send suggestions for improvements to Nathan and me.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Regards, Stepan

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