[Hallb] [EXTERNAL] Re: [Cuga] Extension to the Experimental program- a message from Rolf Ent and Camille Ginsburg for the Nuclear Physics Experiment Scheduling Committee

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Hello Tim,

At UNH, only Tongtong is funded through HEP. Kyle if funded through NP. 

In Kyle's case, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed him down because it postponed his surgery which was delayed because of lack of access to the hospital. This caused his to have a higher number of unproductive days that usual. How much that actually slowed him down is hard to say.

In the case of Tongtong, he was hired before the pandemic for at least 2 years, so will be relatively unaffected, for now.


> On Aug 13, 2020, at 10:35 PM, Stepan Stepanyan <stepanya at jlab.org> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Please remember: 
> Access for shift-takers during MedCon-5: If you have signed up for in-person shifts, the experimental spokesperson or the PDL will request the approval from the Hall Leader for you. They will inform you when they have submitted the shift-takers names for approval. You can submit a registration form then. Keep in mind that users must submit a new registration form at least seven days before on-site arrival. 
> See the following link for information on the training and health questionnaire required before arrival. https://www.jlab.org/memo/medcon-5-employeeuser-training-requirements <https://www.jlab.org/memo/medcon-5-employeeuser-training-requirements>
> So, if you are a new volunteer and have not been in the first group of shift takers who has been approved for access, you have to let me know that you want to take shifts. After we submit your name to JLAB management for approval, you can go ahead with the registration. Also, you need all your training to be up to date including SAF-003, and read and sign (in the counting room) COVID-19 OSP - https://physdiv.jlab.org/2020MedConOps/OSP102494.pdf <https://physdiv.jlab.org/2020MedConOps/OSP102494.pdf>.
> Regards, Stepan
>> On Aug 13, 2020, at 9:12 AM, Stepan Stepanyan <stepanya at jlab.org <mailto:stepanya at jlab.org>> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Good news! The experimental run has been extended for 2 more weeks. We will continue Bonus run in Hall-B till September 21. This means we need to fill shifts after September 6 and we need volunteers ASAP. 
>> Please send an email to me and Bryan with shifts that you can cover. Your response MUST come by end of next week, eob Friday, August 21. 
>> Regards, Stepan
>> PDL
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>>> Subject: [Cuga] Extension to the Experimental program- a message from Rolf Ent and Camille Ginsburg for the Nuclear Physics Experiment Scheduling Committee
>>> Date: August 12, 2020 at 9:38:34 PM EDT
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>>> The experimental program scheduled for Winter / Spring 2020 was paused six weeks early to due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The intent was to resume operations and complete the remaining physics weeks starting July 27. However, to achieve the same machine energy as before the pause, with tolerable beam trip rate, required more work on some cryo-modules, adding about a week. The subsequent machine setup and beam delivery to the halls was further slowed down by multiple storms, including hurricane Isaias. 
>>> Due to the above delays, the experimental run program has been extended by two weeks. The run will end September 21 instead of September 7. Due to the work and contracts planned for the long Scheduled Accelerator Down following this run period, no further extension of the run period should be expected.
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