[Hallb] CLAS12 Overview NIM paper

Daniel Carman carman at jlab.org
Thu Jan 23 09:29:25 EST 2020


The CLAS12 NIM Overview paper has been accepted for publication and the journal is ready to
move the paper to the final production stage. I realize that the OPT-IN period for this paper was
significantly abbreviated compared to what we are used to for physics papers. In this we had
limited options because of the submission deadline that we had with the journal.

Because I am concerned that perhaps some folks missed the opportunity to OPT-IN as an
author or that we may have missed some of the technical folks who made significant contributions,
I am sending this email out with the pre-proof version of the Overview paper attached. If you
name is not listed and you would like it to be or if your name is not properly listed, please contact
Volker Burkert within the next week with your requests. After that point, the paper will go to
press and we will not have the option to make further updates. Let me know if you have any


* Dr. Daniel S. Carman                  e-mail : carman at jlab.org<mailto:carman at jlab.org>
* Staff Scientist                          office : (757)-269-5586
* Jefferson Laboratory                web: http://userweb.jlab.org/~carman

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