[Hallb] [EXTERNAL] CLAS12 Shifts Schedule Change

Bryan McKinnon bryan.mckinnon at glasgow.ac.uk
Fri Oct 8 09:16:52 EDT 2021

Dear all

You will be aware that there have been some changes to the CLAS12 
running dates.

The start date has been delayed but with runtime preserved through an 
extension in January. The ACC/RG-M periods are now:

10 November - 20 December 2021

10 January - 31 January 2022

Given the above, the shifts schedule had to change. The easiest way to 
deal with the schedule, whilst also maintaining the fair share 
allocation, was to lift the 23 days from the delay period (original 18 
October - 9 November), preserving the institute assignments, and map 
them onto the 22 days in January (10 -31). Everything else remains the 


The shifts Trade period has been extended to cover January and affected 
Institute Reps/shifters should review the changes with a view to trading 
or reassigning if required.



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