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FYI, we will get beam today swing. Any work in the hall must be done by 3 pm.


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Dear HPS,

Here is an update to the previous plans from MCC.

This morning a problem with the vacuum in the accelerator is preventing beam delivery to the Hall-D separator, so it is not possible to do that work. The decision was made to postpone the Hall-D separator until tomorrow.

This means that as soon as beam can be restored we will start running again. There is no estimated time for this, but it is likely to still take a while before beam comes back.

The current outlook it:


  *   Swing shift will likely see beam.
  *   Owl shift will very likely see beam. The beam will be taken away again at the end of owl shift. We will go through the same shutdown procedure as today.
  *   There will be no beam, and thus no shift, tomorrow, Tuesday, during the day.
  *   Hopefully the beam will be restored at some point during swing Tuesday, though this may not be until owl.

Best regards,


Previous Plans

The plan is to take away the beam on Monday at 4 am to start work on the separator for Hall-D. The work is expected to take all day. According to Jay Benesch, beam restoration to Hall-B can be expected during swing shift. The Monday morning accelerator meeting may give more clarity on the expectations for restoring beam.

For the owl shift, at 4 am when the beam is taken away:

  *   Turn off all the detectors. HV for the Ecal and Hodoscope, HV and LV for the SVT.
  *   Retract the SVT.
  *   Retract the target.
  *   Ramp down the chicane magnets.

After everything is secured, you can end your shift.

For the day shift:

  *   The day shift is cancelled.
  *   We can go to controlled access for any detector or beam line work.

For the swing shift:

  *   You should be on standby, ready to come to shift on a short notice, or work from the counting house.
  *   Beam restoration will require the full beam setup procedure, starting with beam to the tagger.
     *   We do not know to what extend the work during the day will have modified the accelerator parameters.

For the owl shift:

  *   Hopefully you will have a productive shift.

When more information becomes available I will send another update.

Best regards,

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