[Hallb] Fw: Hall B Round-Table Meeting next Wednesday 2:30 pm

Patrick Achenbach patricka at jlab.org
Wed Dec 14 13:58:46 EST 2022

Dear all,
a friendly reminder of today's round table meeting in F224-225. 

Dear colleagues,
I am inviting you to a round-table meeting on CLAS12 detector performance next Wednesday, 14 December at 2:30 pm JLab time. I will announce the physical room later.  The zoom link is as follows (and I hope that we don't need to change it again):


Eugene, in his role of Physics Division Liaison, will assess the overall performance of CLAS12. Subsystem owners have prepared a couple of slides.

We like to cover the following topics:
-   General performance during Run Group C
-   Known issues causing beam time losses and how to address them
-   Things to improve
-   Short and long term plans

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