[Hallb] Hall-B Shift Schedule for Monday and Tuesday

Valery Kubarovsky vpk at jlab.org
Mon Jan 17 08:37:26 EST 2022

Dear All,

RGM is scheduling the target change starting today at 14:00.
During this period the following shifts will be affected:

January 17, Monday, swing shift cancelled
January 18, Tuesday, owl shift cancelled
January 18, Tuesday, day shift - stand-by

The Hall will be in control access on Monday and restricted access on Tuesday.
We will resume the standard operation starting January 18, swing shift.

Valery Kubarovsky
Hall-B PDL.

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Subject: Schedule for next weeks target change

Good afternoon everyone,

    I wanted to send you all a detailed schedule of the target change coming Tuesday of next week.  Below you will find a bulleted outline of target change process.


  *   1400 Bob will start warming the target from the counting house. At that time there will be approximately a 2 hour window to take an empty target run.
  *   1600  The Hall will need to go to controlled access for Bob to continue with the target warming process. At this time The magnets should be ramped down and beamline HV's turned off.
  *   2200 By this time the target should be backfilled with N2 and warm by the morning for the target change.


  *   0700 We will call for restricted access to begin bleeding up and breaking down beamline and move the target upstream.
  *   0800 - 1000   the scattering chamber will be removed and the target assembly changed.
  *   0900 Survey and alignment set up for the initial alignment of the cell.
  *   1000 - 1100 cell alignment
  *   1100- MLI will be applied and scattering chamber installed and we will begin pumping down the target.  The target will be moved into position for the final alignment.
  *   1300- Survey and alignment to begin final alignment.
  *   1600- With alignment complete the target will be moved into its final position, beamline will be established and pumped down. Bob will start cooling the target at this time as well.
  *   1700- Tuning of the BPM and clearing the Hall for lock up.

If there are any questions, concerns or comments please let me know.

Thank you.

Denny Insley

Physics / Hall B Work Coordinator

dinsley at jlab.org<mailto:dinsley at jlab.org>

office: 269-6071

cell: (757)897-9060

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