[Hallb] Hall update, no meeting tomorrow

Stepan Stepanyan stepanya at jlab.org
Sun Jul 3 19:17:30 EDT 2022

Dear all,

Since we will not have a meeting tomorrow, July 4, here is a short update and the RC report for last week.
Couple announcements:
- as announced last week, there will be another 20+ GeV workshop on July 7 and 8, The Next Generation 3D Imaging will take place on July 7,8 -https://indico.jlab.org/event/539/.
- deadline for abstract submission for DNP was extended to July 6, 5 pm
Some notes from the physics leadership meeting:
- beam delivery to B, C, D, albite at lower than needed power to C,
- some labs are still COVID restricted for travel, should check before planning,
- key validation still continues, please wrap up!
- facilities fixed the sensor issue on LCW that brought down Hall-C over last weekend,
- a total of 9 LDRD from physics, two from Hall-b.

Please see RC’s report (Stephan Bueltmann) attached for details of the RG-C run over the past week.

Happy 4th,
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