[Hallb] Hall lock up and Shifts DELAYED

Eugene Pasyuk pasyuk at jlab.org
Thu Jun 9 15:13:38 EDT 2022

It turns out that the target needs some repairs. All shifts are canceled until Saturday 8 am.
Stay tuned for further updates.


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Subject: [Hallb-engineering] Hall lock up and Shifts

Dear collaborators,

The hall is ready to receive beam. The polarized target still needs some more time to get ready. We plan to lock up the hall tomorrow at 7:30 am
Therefore, the Swing shift today and Owl shift tomorrow is canceled. Tomorrow's Day shift should report to the counting-house as scheduled.

An important reminder: if you are scheduled to take shifts and have any signs of COVID, please DO NOT come to the lab and notify RC and PDL immediately so we can find a replacement.

Before coming on shift always check the run wiki and logbook to be aware of the status of the experiment.

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