[Hallb] No Hall-B meeting today - here is an update

Stepan Stepanyan stepanya at jlab.org
Mon May 30 09:43:01 EDT 2022

Dear all,

I see many are connected to the Hall-B meeting zoom. There is no meeting today. It is a holiday in the US, and the Lab is closed.

Here is a short update on the status of the hall and preparations for the run that will start in 10 days:

  *   target has been installed and aligned on the space frame. Cooldown has started
  *   no noise has been detected in CVT with all the pumps and the target RF running - great news!
  *   the second pair of the raster magnets are installed on the cart. Connections and the final testing will happen this week
  *   after a few troubles with the new power supply for the upstream Moller quad, the decision was made to reinstall and use the old one. Supplies for both quads have been tested, polarities checked, and are ready for the run.
  *   one of the requested additional LTCCs was installed in Sector 6. The second one is in the hall and will be installed in Sector 2 tomorrow.
  *   beam dump was open to check the beam blocker limit switched. Both switches have to be replaced engineering group, together with Rad. Cont. are getting ready for repair this week.
  *   other repair and maintenance work is progressing well on detectors (ECal/FTOF/CTOF/DC)

The biggest news for this week, I think, is the completion of the RICH-II assembly. Congratulations to the RICH team! The module is now getting ready to be mounted on the A-frame on Tuesday for transportation in the hall on Wednesday. Installation of the detector is scheduled for Thursday.

Other updates:
Calibration status:

  *   RG-C: organizing schedule for online calibration
  *   RG-F: Request made for next pass-1 review - waiting for scheduling.
  *   RG-M: Additional calibration of 3 runs for FTOF getting underway based on recent pass-0 cooking. Work in progress on CVT alignment - alignment constants determined and testing in progress.
  *   DC: Systematic studies of pressure-dependence of time-to-distance calibration in progress.

Cooking status: RG-M: Cooking to support calibration requests; cooking for CVT alignment tests.

  *   DC: large alignment progress, see last week's software meeting: https://clasweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Agendas,_minutes,_notes_and_related_documents
  *   CVT: efficiency improvements are in progress

Regards, Stepan
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