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Hi Krishna,

Thank you for clearing things up, your 59% increase in statistics is closer to what I get.
As far as integrating the distributions, I think this number should never be shown, because
It is very misleading. I do not even know what it measures.


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Dear Gagik and all,

Thanks  for the informative presentation. I was hoping to clarify one point regarding one of the slide presented, which highlighted a 23% increase in statistics from pass1 to pass2_v14_newCVT with RGA data.  This information was based on my previous presentation at the CLAS12 First Experiment meeting a couple of months ago. It is important to note that the 23% increase refers to the overall (signal + background) sum from 0.4 GeV2 < MMSQ_mProt < 1.4 GeV2, which is the entire range of the plot. Other two graphs there were for pass2_v1_12_02 and pass2_v1_22 versions, which had increase of about 32%. However, we do have a background-subtracted version of those graph, which shows a more significant increase (~double of with background version), please give a look at accached picture.
I also  presented new results at the recent First Experiment meeting, which covered the recent pass2 versions (v1_24, v1_25, v1_30 (8.7.0)). I have attached these results to this email if you are interested.
Thank you all for your time and attention.
Best regards,

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