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Fri Aug 25 15:25:02 EDT 2023

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I met Brian and Tyler in the Hall this afternoon and we manually started the roots blower and also manually opened the roots blower gate valve PV8105RB. Those worked well in manual.
Thus far they have not been able to communicate with controllers 1 and 2 but have one more way they will try.  See Brians log entries for more also in HBTORUS log. https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4170445

If we can't communicate with those controllers we will need to wait until the next down time and install all the new control hardware. Brian is getting pricing for new units. 

We should know by mid day Monday and make the decision to cool down with it likely that we cool down starting Tuesday. This will likely require the on call persons for the Hall B torus to have backups with vacuum expertise AND leaving the backup roots and back up turbo pumps as they are now throughout the next run.

Other wise the system looks good.acuum is excellent, Torus average cold mass is at 81.69 K and rising at 0.02 K per hour (very slowly...) 80K shields are all at between 77 and 81K  on there output temperature.


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