[Hallb] [New Logentry] Hall/Beam Status for Tuesday, Dec. 5th

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Tue Dec 5 09:45:02 EST 2023

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***** Major Injector Gun Incident Downtime: https://ace.jlab.org/dtm/open-events?event_id=18458, all shifts are canceled until the end of Tuesday, Dec. 5th, DAY shift *****

* Based on this morning's PD/RC and 8 AM MCC meetings discussion, the beam could be restored to the halls by the beginning of today's, Dec. 5th, SWING shift. 
As a result, and in coordination with the PDL Baltzell, the shifters of Today's SWING shift should report to the CH as planned in the RG-D shift schedule: https://www.jlab.org/Hall-B/shifts/index.php.

* I have updated the RG-D runwiki Short Term Schedule: https://wiki.jlab.org/clas12-run/index.php/Run_Group_D#tab=Short_Term_Sc... to reflect the current shift status! 

* The Hall is still in Controlled Access, so please notify the RC, El Fassi, and Denny Insley in case hall access is needed. However, it will be switched to "Beam Permit" as soon as I hear updates about the status of beam delivery to halls from MCC OPS/PD this afternoon. 

* If the plan remains the same regarding the swing shift beam restoration, the beamline expert Pasyuk will be contacted later this afternoon to start ramping up the Torus and Solenoid magnets fields. We do need them to be up when we reach the level of tuning beam to FCup and perform the associated 2H01 BPM harp scan.

* There is no RC/OA meeting today due to the conflict with the quarterly Physics Division All-hands meeting, which will be followed by the Holidays Lunch Party. Enjoy your time to whom it may concern, and stay tuned for beam/hall updates throughout the day! 


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