[Hallb] Reassessing the detector performance for high luminosity operations

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Friday is the 24th.


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Subject: Reassessing the detector performance for high luminosity operations

Dear all,

Our third meeting to discuss CLAS12 subsystem performance at twice the designed luminosity will take place on Friday, February 22 at 1:30 pm EST. At this meeting, we will discuss CVT (SVT and BMT).

The meeting is on your calendars, we have F224-225 for in-person attendance.

For those who wants to connect remotely, the zoom info is following (yje same as on Friday):
ID: 160 717 4363
Passcode: 814155

Regards, Stepan
p.s. Sorry, I just realized that I did not forward my previous calls for the meeting to the hallb mailing list.

On Feb 5, 2023, at 10:56 AM, Stepan Stepanyan <stepanya at jlab.org<mailto:stepanya at jlab.org>> wrote:

Dear all,

After responses from you, here how the agenda for our discussions of subsystem performances at x2 higher luminosity looks like.

  *   Friday, February 17, 1:30 pm: FT, FTOF/CTOF and CND;
  *   Wednesday, February 22, 2:30 pm: ECal, DAQ, and beamline;
  *   Friday, February 24, 1:30 pm: CVT;
  *   Friday, March 3, 1:30 pm: DC, RICH, LTCC, and HTCC.
Note, x2 higher means, for example, for RG-A, 150 nA on a 5 cm long hydrogen target.

I will arrange for meeting rooms and also zoom in the coming week. We will aim to keep sessions not longer than an hour and a half. We can have follow-up discussions if needed.

Regards, Stepan

On Feb 1, 2023, at 1:27 PM, Stepan Stepanyan <stepanya at jlab.org<mailto:stepanya at jlab.org>> wrote:

Dear all,

Thanks for the replies. Based on the availability of subsystem owners, I have the following schedule for discussions (see below). Please, let me know if changes are needed. I know the times for Wednesday’s (2:30 pm EST) and Friday’s (1:30 pm EST) meetings are not ideal for Silvia and Raffaella, so if needed, we can find some morning time for these two subsystems. It will be good to know the discussion time each subsystem will need. We may be able to combine some of these.\

     *   FTOF/CTOF, and CND, February 17


     *   DAQ and beam line, February 22
     *   CVT, February 24
     *   RICH, LTCC, and HTCC, March 1
     *   ECal and FT, DC (tracking without uRWELL), March 3

Regards, Stepan

On Jan 20, 2023, at 8:33 PM, Stepan Stepanyan <stepanya at jlab.org<mailto:stepanya at jlab.org>> wrote:

Dear all,

During the “High luminosity upgrade” TF work about 2 years ago, we assessed the performance of subsystems with x2 higher luminosity operations. Back then, we concluded that the detectors would operate and maintain their performances (resolutions and efficiencies) with x2 higher than the designed luminosity of CLAS12 (see reports at https://wiki.jlab.org/physdivwiki/index.php/Task_Forces_2020#tab=High_Luminosity%7CCLAS12%7CCLAS12<https://wiki.jlab.org/physdivwiki/index.php/Task_Forces_2020#tab=High_Luminosity|CLAS12|CLAS12>). There was one caveat though, we were not sure about software performance for some of the subsystems. Now that our software is ready for pass2 and as good as it can be for the future, I believe it is time to return to the performance discussions again. I propose to use the Hall-B round table, Wednesdays at 2:30 pm, and TF, Fridays at 1:30 pm, meetings in February for such discussions. These discussions should cover (not in any particular order):
* ECal
* FT
* Beamline
* FD tracking (as is, without uRWELL addition)

Subsystem experts, please let me know your availability and when you will be ready for such discussions. Please reply by the end of next week to be able to start scheduling the meetings in February.


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