[Hallb] Empty target swap over the week end

Pierre Chatagnon pierrec at jlab.org
Fri Mar 10 08:31:01 EST 2023

Hi all,
Just called the crew chief. They will tell us at 9h30 what is the plan with the RF work of the morning.
My take is that we will stick with the plan of 15h target swap for now. It the downtime is planned for longer we can start earlier. I’ll let all of you know as soon as the crew chief tells me. Any objection ?

Concerning the empty target swap, I will inform the crew chief and radcon about a sunday afternoon change. The plan will be rafined this afternoon and I let them now, with more than 24h margin !

Thanks for your help

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Bonjour Pierre,

for now we first have to concentrate on the target swap back to NH3. As I just said during the 8 a.m. meeting, we really need to get a timely heads-up if they plan to take the accelerator down today (as it seems to be the case), so we can sync the target change with that. (This target change will be a bit more involved and take a bit longer than just taking out an ammonia target and replacing it with a Carbon or MT target). Ideally, we could get ready for the target change with at least a couple of hours warning - assuming the target group can support that and we can get RadCon to be involved. We got good data on C overnight, so I personally am happy to change back to NH3 ANY TIME starting now.

(Personal rant: I find it a bit rich to be told that WE need to inform MCC 24 hours aread of time when we do a target change, while they can change their plans at the drop of a hat).

About the 2nd target change: Right now I would say that late on Sunday (the later the better, again depending on what the target group and RadCon can support). However, since Doug just said “24 hours in advance”, we still have some time to make that official. There is really no reason for us having to announce this decision (which depens on many complex factors, in part the actual beam delivery) today already (see rant above).

Greetings - Sebastian

P.S.: You are already beating me on the ABU front - congratulations!

On Mar 10, 2023, at 8:02 AM, Pierre Chatagnon <pierrec at jlab.org<mailto:pierrec at jlab.org>> wrote:

Hi Sebastian and Chris,
Radcon and MCC would like to know when do we plan to change to empty target over the week end. The sooner the better and the 14h meeting seems late to confirm to them.
Any insight on this ?


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