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Yesterday the beam went off at 8:30 am for beam studies. The CT experiment completed their data taking at that point. Part of the beam studies period was used by Operations to configure the machine to deliver high current to Hall C for target density checks (up to 80 muA). Beam was restored to Hall C right at the end of the day shift and the high current run on LH2 and LD2 targets went very well. After that  the beam went away for a while so that the machine can be reconfigured for 4 hall operations again. When beam was restored to Hall C we continued the boiling studies at currents of 60 muA and below. The boiling studies were completed between 2 and 3 am last night. For a very preliminary partial summary of the data we've taken on LH2 and LD2 please check this hclog entries (HMS only, not shown are the SHMS data):


For the rest of the owl shift Mark Jones took data to quantify corrections for the SHMS and HMS dipoles saturation (all done by the end of the owl shift). For  a summary of the data taken with HMS please check this hclog entry: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3554200

The beam went away again at 8 am this morning for RF recovery which is expected to last 8 hours. We took this time to set up the magnets and the DAQ for the Deuteron Electro-disintegration running which will officially commence when beam is restored to Hall C today.

We meet today at 1:30 pm (second floor of counting house).

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