[Hallc_running] SIDIS running in Hall C - please sign up for shifts

Dave Gaskell gaskelld at jlab.org
Fri Apr 13 08:33:43 EDT 2018

Dear Hall C Users -

Please see Markus Diefenthaler's (current Hall C Run Coordinator) 
message below.  A few days ago, we transitioned from the group of Hall C 
Commissioning experiments to the SIDIS/Kaon-LT rungroup experiments, the 
first of which (running now) is E12-09-017.  This group of experiments 
is presently on the schedule to run the remainder of this spring run and 
next fall. 12 shifts are requested (for the spring and fall running 
combined) for those interested in participating in these experiments.

As noted in Markus' message - there are many open shifts available in 
the near future.  If you are available and interested in participating 
in these experiments, please sign up for shifts! Thanks in advance.

Dave Gaskell

Hello, everyone:

You have been part of the proposal for the experiment E12-09-017 to 
study the transverse-momentum dependence of semi-inclusive pion 
production. The day before yesterday, we started the experiment in Hall 
C. In the first days of running, we have completed the first kinematic 
settings. However, we are really short on shift personnel and need your 
help to make the running of E12-09-017 a success.

Please sign up for (more) shifts and please ask your colleagues who are 
familiar with Hall C to also sign up for shifts:


As scientists we have chosen a fascinating but often busy lifestyle and 
are occupied with our daily research projects. But E12-09-017 is running 
now and you can be an (even more) active part of the experiment. Also, 
it is always great to be at Jefferson Lab to learn about all the 
exciting R&D going on, not only in the Halls but also in the Theory 
Center and for the Jefferson Lab EIC. Last but not least, the Spring in 
Virginia is beautiful and Hampton Roads with all of its history is 
always worth a visit.

So please imagine your favorite scientists on a poster saying "I want 
you for E12-09-017 shifts" and please let us know if you can help with 
(more) shifts.

Best regards,


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