[Hallc_running] SIDIS/Kaon-LT Experiments in Hall C: Please sign up for shifts

Dave Gaskell gaskelld at jlab.org
Mon Aug 13 09:02:43 EDT 2018

Dear Hall C Users -

Beam restoration and accelerator setup is underway, and we are on track 
to start physics August 22.  There are still many shifts available, so 
please consider signing up:


Dave Gaskell

On 7/18/18 11:13 AM, Dave Gaskell wrote:
> Dear Hall C Users,
> The SIDIS/Kaon-LT experiment rungroup (which began last spring with a 
> few weeks of successful running for E12-09-017) will resume this fall 
> in Hall C.  The fall 2018 run period spans August 22 to December 20,  
> and will include running for all three experiments in the rungroup:
> E12-09-011 - Studies of the L-T Separated Kaon Electroproduction Cross 
> Section from 5-11 GeV
> E12-09-017 - Transverse Momentum Dependence of Semi-Inclusive Pion 
> Production
> E12-09-002 - Charge Symmetry Violating Quark Distributions via Precise 
> Measurement of π+/π− Ratios in Semi–inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering
> There will also be a few weeks of running in 2019 for for E12-09-002.
> The shift schedule is now available and can be found here:
> https://misportal.jlab.org/mis/apps/physics/shiftSchedule/index.cfm?experimentRunId=HALLC-FALL-2018 
> This schedule includes all available shifts for these experiments 
> until the end of the winter run in 2019 (note that another experiment, 
> E12-16-007, will also run in early 2019 before the last few weeks of 
> E12-09-002 - a separate shift schedule for that experiment will be 
> available at a later date).
> We have the good fortune to be on the schedule for more time than we 
> had expected when making our initial run plans last spring. Because of 
> this, we are requesting that collaborators take a few more shifts than 
> we had asked for last spring. In particular:
> 1. A collaborator that takes 18 shifts (for the spring 2018, fall 
> 2018, and winter 2019 run combined) will be eligible for authorship on 
> papers for all three experiments
> 2. 12 shifts for authorship on papers related to any 2 experiments
> 3. Only 6 shifts are requested for a single experiment
> Please join us to help make the running of this group of Hall C 
> experiments a success!
> Best regards,
> Dave Gaskell, for the SIDIS/Kaon-LT rungroup spokespersons
> E12-09-017
> Peter Bosted, Rolf Ent, Ed Kinney, Hamlet Mkrtchyan
> E12-09-011
> Tanja Horn, Garth Huber, Pete Markowitz
> E12-09-002
> Dipangkar Dutta, Kawtar Hafidi, Dave Gaskell

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