[Hallc_running] Hall C lockup and walk-through training

Dave Gaskell gaskelld at jlab.org
Wed Aug 15 17:44:18 EDT 2018

Dear Hall C Users -

At the Wednesday scheduling meeting in MCC, the near term schedule was 
discussed:  Hall C will be locked up tomorrow evening for hot checkout 
(no beam - just testing power supplies) - there will be no access to 
hall at that time.  If the accelerator setup proceeds as planned, the PD 
would like the halls to be locked up for beam checkout on Monday 
afternoon.  Please plan any work in the hall accordingly.

There will be an opportunity to take the Hall C walk through training 
(required training to take shifts) on Monday at 10 am. Please email Joe 
Beaufait (beaufait at jlab.org) if you wish to do the walk through - and 
meet him in the Hall C Counting House at 10 am, Monday.

Dave G (RC)

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