[Hallc_running] Update on Hall C running

Dipangkar Dutta ddutta07 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 17:13:39 EST 2018

Dear All,

The machine setup to begin beam delivery to all four halls simultaneously
is well
underway with 5 pass beam already delivered to Hall D. The current plan is
to lock up Hall C tomorrow afternoon in preparation for beam delivery to
continue with the SHMS commissioning plan. Please plan on completing all
your work in the Hall by 4:00 PM tomorrow. This also means that tomorrow's
day shift is cancelled.

We will restart the daily RC meeting followed by the analysis meeting,
upstairs in the counting house, tomorrow at 1:30 PM. I will send out a
separate email with the remote connection details later.

Also note that if you have not completed the Hall-C walk-through safety
training, there will be a training session tomorrow at 1:30 PM in the Hall
C counting house.

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