[Hallc_running] Hall C RC update

Dipangkar Dutta ddutta07 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 13 14:18:13 EST 2018

Hello  Everybody,
MCC has been operating in 4-Hall running mode for almost a whole day now,
and the 3-pass commissioning program is moving forward at  a good clip.

Yesterday during the swing shift 3-pass beam was delivered to Hall C. The
beam steering test with the SHMS at 8 degrees and ramped up to 6.5 GeV/c
did not show any beam steering on the dump viewer (small steering by Q1 was
cancelled out by the HB). After that the beam was centered using a carbon
hole target, and the ion chamber calibrations proceeded very smoothly for
both the 6% Carbon qnd the LH2 target (with currents up to 20 uA).

The 3-pass commissioning began with the harp scans to calibrate the BPMs.
Preliminary analysis shows that we have sufficient good quality data points
to successfully calibrate the BPMs. The width of the beam is about 100 um
in x and 200 um in y.

We have had beam on target almost continuously for the last ~ 3 shifts and
we are making good progress on the  commissioning plan.

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