[Hallc_running] Disk usage under /home on cdaq cluster

Brad Sawatzky brads at jlab.org
Tue Jan 23 12:42:10 EST 2018

Hi folks,

Disk using in the /home/cdaq directory has been increasing significantly
over the last couple of weeks.  If that directory fills, the experiment
shuts down until we free space up again.

I've found that a few people are writing ROOT files into that space
and have contacted them directly, but it would be good for everyone
to sanity check what they are do and make sure that they are writing
output to an appropriate location.

If you have a *.root file sitting under /home anywhere, it should be
moved/deleted ASAP.  Please review the information here:
and clean up your work space.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

-- Brad

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