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 - by latif on Wed, 01/24/2018 - 10:31.

RC Meeting Today -  Today's RC meeting will be at 2:30 PM (because of MCC meeting at 1:30) in the counting house conference room.
Remote people can use bluejeans meeting ID: 543 903 672


Logentry Text:
The target installation and cool down did not finish yesterday because of vacuum issue. The target group is working at this moment to cool down the target. The accelerator is still having trouble to stabilize and deliver higher (above 18 uA) beam current. The accelerator expects to investigate the issue sometime during the day shift.  There will be accelerator downtime because of that, but they prefer all halls, which are already locked, to remain locked unless they know the extend of the problem.

The TO is here for the day shift. Other Day shift takers will be contacted as soon as we are ready.


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