[Hallc_running] Please clean-up/delete old files on cdaq cluster -- last call before auto-deletion begins

Brad Sawatzky brads at jlab.org
Fri Jul 27 13:32:51 EDT 2018

Just a last warning that I'll be running through the cdaq cluster
general-use disks and doing a clean up next week to clear up space for
the upcoming run.

ROOT output files in /net/cdaql3data/cdaq/* will be the first to go.
All CODA files will also be removed.  I will be cleaning the
largest-usage directories first.

Please look through *your* personal directories under the cdaq account
and delete old/stale/unneeded ROOT files from your replays, etc.  If you
really want to keep them, then move them to tape.

If there are files you aren't sure about, please drop me a line.

-- Brad

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