[Hallc_running] cryotarget training

Jian-Ping Chen jpchen at jlab.org
Tue Sep 25 15:46:13 EDT 2018

Hi, Evan and Holly,

I don't know if it will reach to the Hall A/C run emailing list. If not,
would you please pass the TO training information to the Hall A and C 
run lists so people are aware of the new change in TO training and 
possible upcoming practical training opportunities?



To people interested in becoming a TO,

For cryo-target operator training, Greg Smith has set up a 
                                     new online training class and test 
to replace the old lecture
the class is PH019a and the test is PH019T.

For the practical part of the training PH019b, you need to write to
us (Greg, Silviu and JP) to schedule the training (after you finish 
PH019a and pass PH019T).

If the beam/experiment situation in Hall A counting house allows to have 
TO training, I plan to have TO training during Wednesday (9/26) day 
shift and Thursday (9/27) swing shift. Please contact me 
(jpchen at jlab.org) if you are interested in having TO practical training
during these two shift periods.

Best regards.


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