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Mon Apr 1 10:20:02 EDT 2019

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Beam was incredibly smooth overnight and data taking went well overnight. As we discovered on swing shift yesterday, the 70uA requested in the run plan is a little too high and trips the DC in the SHMS. As such the highest current we can utilise at this setting is 60uA. However, the good news is that in terms of kL coming in we're actually still good. 

This morning beam went off at around 8:30 for beam studies. Some of the RF recovery scheduled for tomorrow is being rolled into the beam studies time today. As such the beam isn't expected to be back until around 4/4:30.

Alexandre is making use of the extended down to make an access.

When we do get beam back, we're still on the same setting but to try and test the rate dependencies a little, we will run for a little while at 40uA. We're aiming for ~1000 events at 40uA which should take roughly a shift and a half. After this we'll switch back to 60uA and run till the next setting at that.

Finally, the update yesterday contained a teeny tiny little lie, there will NOT be an RC meeting today as the Hall C meeting is at 3pm. However, I will send on another RC update later today in lieu of the meeting.

We will meet tomorrow at 3:30pm in the counting house though (honest, this one isn't a lie)


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