[Hallc_running] [Revised Logentry] RC Update 2

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Mon Apr 1 17:00:03 EDT 2019

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As promised another quick update today.

Nothing physics wise since the beam has been off all day shift for beam studies.

Some news on the spectrometer rotation though, the weekend mystery has been resolved and remote rotation is being re-enabled by Steve Lassiter currently. 

The mystery being solved comes with an important warning though. The cause of the problem that made the SHMS move beyond its (apparent) set point was that when typing in the angle into the GUI, the crew did not hit enter after doing so.

As such, the angle that was "set" to be rotated to was the last angle the HMS was set to rotate to, 27.76 degrees. It's a very easy mistake to make so please make sure to follow the GUI instructions carefully when making any rotations.

As a cross check, the "rotate to" angle on the GUI will update WHEN you hit enter but NOT before. You should check that this angle matches the one you expect/want BEFORE hitting start on the rotation. See the items underlined in red on the attached image.

Steve and Mike are looking into making this mistake impossible to replicate but until then please be very careful if you are doing a spectrometer rotation.


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