[Hallc_running] RC update 04/05/2019

gabriel at jlab.org gabriel at jlab.org
Fri Apr 5 08:35:35 EDT 2019

Dear all-
Here is your RC update for 04/05/2019. Over the past 24 hours we:

- Finished Q2=3 W=3.14 central kinematics w/ ~7000 good lambda events
- moved to the "side" setting for the same Q2 and W. Will stay here until
the planed beam studies on Monday.
- 04/04/19 ~08:00: turbo pump VTP3C22A tripped due to water seepage
straight on its strip, resulting in the melting of said strip. This is
located in the tunnel connecting the Hall to the Hall C arc (Moller
area?). See hclog https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3675494 for pictures of
the damage. Temporary fix is plastic sheeting on top of the affected area.
This resulted in ~100 min of downtime. New power strip is now a ground
fault strip.
- 04/04/19 ~19:53: HMS dipole trip resulting in ~65 min. of BANU while the
magnet recovered.
- 04/40/19 ~12:30 MCC loses beam in the middle of our BCM run. Will try to
redo this during the day today.
- 04/05/19 ~07:30: DAQ issues resulting in ~30 min. of downtime while
various ROCs were rebooted and CODA restarted.

Happy Kaon hunting!
Gabriel Niculescu

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