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Sun Aug 4 09:05:01 EDT 2019

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<p>Yesterday beam availability was average</p><p> </p><p>Completed the following</p><p>1) Completed Kin3B LH2 with about 4.4 C at around 11 and did a Kin3B dummy run for one hour.</p><p>2) Change kinematics to elastics 3B with proton momentum at 0.795.</p><p>          a) Completed coincidence only trigger , singles only trigger and dummy sinlges only at around 17:00</p><p>3)  17:30 access to reset the spectrometer rotation</p><p>4)  Change to kin2B kinematics. Cycling HMS to higher momentum</p><p>5)  During swing beam off until 22:50. Did a low current BCM calibration run until 23:50.</p><p>6) Midnight start kin2B dummy target with all SHMS paddles ON to match an earlier run of kin2B LH2. Beam was not good and finished around 2:00am.</p><p>7) Was able to move the HMS to 33.53 for kin2A kinematics. Turned off all SHMS X1 paddles except 6-8 and X2 paddles except 6-9.</p><p>8) Decide to run at 10uA and 85% livetime for kin2A for LH2.!
 </p><p>9) We will run kin2A on LH2 until 8am Monday with an one hour dummy run during swing shift.</p>


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