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Wed Feb 6 08:30:03 EST 2019

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Mixed news from Accelerator this morning.  They are making progress stabilizing the machine and threading beam, which is good.  The downside is that they've needed to lower gradient in 1L07 and a number of other cavities in the north linac to do it.  So far, so good, but it does mean the north linac has less overhead and 'room to breath' going forward.  1L20 is still 'off' and is an open question.  I gather Ops will bring attempt to bring it online if it becomes critical path, that would take on the order of a shift.

Hall is ready to go.  We are still planning for lock-up on Friday DAY shift for now.

If you're on-site, you may wish to read the COO, ESAD, RSAD from links on the Hall C homepage (under 'Run Information - Spring 2019:Run Safety Documents') so you're ready to sign the yellow binder in the Counting House.


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