[Hallc_running] [New Logentry] CODA file tape stub switched to /mss/hallc/jpsi-007/raw/

brads at jlab.org brads at jlab.org
Wed Feb 6 18:10:04 EST 2019

Logentry Text:
CODA file tape stub switched to /mss/hallc/jpsi-007/raw/ starting with run 7078.   This will impact where users access the files for 'offline' analysis only -- it does not impact 'online' replay.

Folks should change the 'cache/' symlink in their personal analysis directory to point at '/cache/mss/hallc/jpsi-007/raw/'.  Those that wish to access files at the new path and at the old path will need to add an appropriate line to append the old path to the 'pathList' vector in the replay ROOT script(s).


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