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We went from restricted to beam permit yesterday around 6 pm. We took 50 muA on LH2 with and without radiator to measure positrons (and other) with SHMS for J/psi commissioning. Beam has been fairly stable at 50 muA when delivered (https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3651784). Main reasons for down during swing and owl were a Wien angle change (accelerator side) and SHMS polarity change (our side).

The progress of the data taking so far is posted here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EfcEMX04nfIG-aWelO0lbLWvVgHWPDnXctflKmWJUYQ/edit#gid=115209097

We went to restricted access again this morning to allow work on the HMS Q2 power supply replacement. We (Steve Lassiter with Sylvester, Dave Hamlette and S. as spotters) rotated the SHMS to 13.11 deg which is as close as we could go without taking any risks. We can move remotely *from* 13.11 deg to larger angles but not the other way around (the software limit has been updated). The run plan for tonight (mainly optics running) will involve data taking at 13.11 deg (which will happen first) and higher angles. 

Dave Meekins cooled down the D2 target in preparation for SHMS running in the upcoming days.

We will meet today at 4:30 pm on the second floor of the counting house mainly to discuss the run plan for tonight and upcoming days. Here is how to connect:

 To join the Meeting:
 To join via Room System:
 Video Conferencing System: bjn.vc -or-
 Meeting ID : 861439920
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 1)  Dial:
   +1.408.740.7256 (US (San Jose))
   +1.888.240.2560 (US Toll Free))
   +1.408.317.9253 (US (Primary, San Jose))
   (see all numbers - http://bluejeans.com/numbers)
 2)  Enter Conference ID : 861439920



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