[Hallc_running] [New Logentry] RC Update -- power loss to site (shifts cancelled/standby)

brads at jlab.org brads at jlab.org
Mon Jul 1 20:25:02 EDT 2019

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I'm sorry to report that the Accelerator site (inside the fence) lost power around 6:45pm this evening.

Apparently we lost power from one of the main substations that serves CEBAF (Warwick substation) and that seems to have tripped power from the redundant feed.  Dominion is onsite now working on their end and Facilities is working with them to reroute power to, well, everything.

CHL, ESR, Hall Power is all down.  Hall C target has warmed up.  Magnets are warming too.  The first order of business is to stabilize the CHL and keep the cyromodules from venting.  I gather we've got something on the order of an hour left to get that done or we start venting helium.

Anyway -- not good.  Stay tuned.

** OWL shift is cancelled.  Tuesday DAY shift is on standby but I would expect it to be cancelled too.  No need to come in at 8am anyway. **


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