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We have a RC meeting at 16:30 at the second floor of counting house. Remote participants, please follow the link: 

Yesterday afternoon and today's RC report:

- Tuesday and last night, since last report:

1)  We finished taking data on LH2 target for kinematic IIb, then took dummy. We took elastic data matching HMS angle for this kinematic. 
2) We took short runs for VCS kinematics IIIa and IIIb for quick scan
3) We moved to kinematic Ia that we scanned past Saturday during the (long) period of beam down time. 
Once beam was back, we tested various trigger configurations at 15 uA and 20 uA, with and without singles. 
Once getting stable yields and best configuration (I=15 uA, PS6=1), we moved overnight to a smooth production at this kinematic, to accumulate the statistic that we need. 

Beam down periods: 18:30 (Tuesday) until 00:30 (Wednesday) due to Faraday cup issues in Hall B and then Hall A dump problem.

- Today: 

In the morning we accumulated good data at kinematic Ia, without changing the configuration. 
At 10:40, Hall A started spin dance. We are taking data.
No particular event today so far, and we cross fingers to keep running smoothly toward the run plan.


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