[Hallc_running] [New Logentry] RC update: going with a low power program over-nite

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Mon Jun 24 14:40:01 EDT 2019

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The ESR 15K saga looks like it will drag on a bit while they're reducing the air contamination, so we're going with door number 3, the low target power alt program. 

A team is being assembled to change the spectrometer angles. The HMS will get bumped out to 13.5deg, then the SHMS will move down to 6deg. This separation angle of 19.5deg should comfortably respect the minimum two-arm opening angle constraint of ~18.6deg. 

The shift crew should forget about setting spectrometer momenta until the angles are set and all personnel are clear of the pivot area. (But hopefully we can get the magnets set before all the experts go home!) I'll provide the momentum settings shortly. 

The swing shift program, 3rd pass separator willing, is broadly: 

* if optics support is available, and the PD is willing, dedicate time to getting higher beam currents with the target out, and 

* attempt to see useful carbon elastics in the SHMS to help cross-check the beam energy, while in parallel doing an HMS pointing scan. 



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