[Hallc_running] Weekly A1n-d2n meeting Tuesday 11/19/2019 2:30pm

Xiaochao Zheng xiaochao at jlab.org
Mon Nov 18 10:41:56 EST 2019

Dear All:

We will have our next weekly A1n/d2n meeting tomorrow (Tuesday November 19th) at 2:30pm.  Bluejean information is shown below.

I have a few items on my list to discuss:

Beam/run status/RC report -- Greg Smith
Meeting schedule -- transition to twice a week? daily? -- All
Further information on acclerator/beam status -- Jay
Target installation/hall status -- Jianping
Run plan for A1n -- Jixie or Mingyu (if ready, otherwise postpone to next week).
Cell production/ref cell system status -- Todd
Detector/DAQ status and readiness -- Brad
Target field direction measurement -- Murchhana (short report)
Target field mapping results -- Jixie (summary report, partial)

Other items, such as software, shift checklist/instructions, helicity decoding, and shift schedule, seem to be going okay and we will not go through these one by one unless there are special updates.

Please add items that I may have overlooked.

Meeting minutes can be found at:



- Xiaochao

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434 243 4032

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There are specific policies that reduce or eliminate unproductive meetings:
No meeting without an agenda -- good point!
No "status updates" during which you "go around the room." -- sure, will do!
No meeting longer than 30 minutes. -- sorry, can't do this sometimes!
Leave a meeting the moment you realize you're not adding value -- sure, and drop everyone.
Replace PowerPoints with a group reading of a briefing document -- can't see the difference. Is there a difference?

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