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RC Report for Monday, Nov. 18, 2019 

>From last Wednesday’s 1:30 meeting, today’s 8 AM meeting, and input from a few people I talked to today: 

The work to remove the leaky 1L10 girder in the North Linac (NL) last weekend was delayed until today because the adjacent cryomodules ((8), 9, & 10) didn’t warm up as fast as expected. This girder consists of bellows at each end with a BPM, a quad and correctors in between. The upstream bellows on this girder is leaking. A spare girder is ready to go in, and it’ll be leak checked today and tomorrow. The NL is scheduled to be cooled down on Thursday 11/21. We ought to learn late Friday (when RF can be applied to the NL) what our gradient will be. The estimate I heard at this point is 10.3-10.4 GeV (121-1031-1031 for inj-NL-SL) but it’s too early to know for sure. The gradient will be a compromise balancing the heating from field emission in the C100s with the available cooling power from the CHL, and trip rate.  

Some trouble spinning up the injector was also reported this morning, but injector tune is scheduled to be completed on Friday this week. 

The MCC schedule is to set up 1st pass beam through the NL(1R)  Saturday, SL (2R) Sunday, and 1st pass set up Monday 11/25. They are still aiming for physics beam to A&C on Monday, Dec. 2.  

JP said 3 fibers were looking good. He needs 4 for longitudinal, 4 for transverse, and 2 spares. Target ladder alignment is ongoing. He still thinks installation could be finished by 12/2, but some in-hall work setting up/optimizing the target might need to happen part of that first week. 

At this stage of the game, no daily RC meetings are planned, but I see that’s on the agenda for discussion at tomorrow’s weekly A1n/d2n meeting. I’ll provide short RC updates as things develop. 


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