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RC Report for Monday, Nov. 25

>From info gathered at the 7:45 & 8:00 meetings:

Things went more slowly than hoped for over the weekend, but the white board hasn't changed. They seemed reasonably happy with 1031 in the NL. They tried going higher in increments and found the edge (the CHL edge) at 1046 MeV. So they went back to 1031 and eventually sent 5 uA of tune beam successfully into Hall A. Reminder: the SL is happy at 1031. They weren't willing to provide an energy decision though until they investigate a 7 MeV difference between the energy measured in 2R and in Hall A. They hope to do that study today and we may get the energy decision later today or tomorrow morning. 

I spoke to the PD about better securing our ramp rate and MAXJUICE- he'll get back to us on that. I also told him we'd be in restricted until Monday Dec 2.

Currently they have a spin dance on the white board for Saturday (A&B only).

Arun has pointed out I need to be very clear about the HOME and TGT OUT positions when I set up the operational restrictions, since HOME is not TGT OUT (which it usually is) and any beam mistakenly sent while in the HOME position would damage the target tube. Good catch, Arun!

Murchana and Mingyu did a sanity check with a flashight and verified that all the fibers we pulled so hard on last Friday are still intact. Whew! 


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