[Hallc_running] Call for Shifts Nov 2019 - May 2020 and Training/Registration required

Xiaochao Zheng xiaochao at jlab.org
Tue Oct 29 16:22:59 EDT 2019

Dear Collaborators of A1n+d2n and other Hall C experiments:

First of all, if you are only on the a1n_d2n mailing list and not Hallc_running, please subscribe to hallc_running by going to https://mailman.jlab.org/mailman/listinfo/hallc_running; This is the mailing list where we will send out run coordinator reports and/or daily updates.

The A1n+d2n experiments are planned to start on Nov. 25th, less than one month away!  However our shift schedule still look very thin, in particular for the first (Thanksgiving) week, please see:


Please consider signing up for (more) shifts. I understand we previously cautioned that the first week (or two) of running may be subject to change, as well as the January beam restoration and the later target rotation period. However, we WILL need full shifts for those days if we run. Therefore, please sign up for shifts for ALL period, but keep an eye on the email in case changes do happen to the run schedule.

I would also like to remind everyone who have signed up for shifts to please keep an eye on all training and other paperwork requirements. It's not uncommon to receive phone calls in the counting house that "I can't come to my shift because my xyz expired!". To avoid such awkward (and inconvenient) moments I have summarized the required trainings under item B for today's meeting minutes, depending on how involved you are with the experiment (from simple shift-taking to experts who will be working on the target pivot):


The items that can be easily overlooked are "JLab access registration", which needs to be done every time you visit JLab.  Also if you have taken shifts in Hall A and B but not C, please note the Hall C walkthrough is required and can only be done when the hall is open.

Thank you for reading this, and looking forward to more shift signups!

for all A1n+d2n spokespeople

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