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Mon Aug 31 14:35:01 EDT 2020

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Yesterday, we continued taking data with PolHe3 longitudinal Kin A-X (SHMS -7.5 GeV 11 degrees, HMS -4.2 GeV 13.50 degrees) until ~ 7:30 pm when we switched to KIN B/Y (SHMS -6.4 GeV 14.5 degrees, HMS -4.2 GeV 16.40 degrees). We stayed there until 8:30 am today when beam was taken away for the pass change. 

We've been in controlled access since 8:30 am. The list of tasks to be completed during the access is in this entry: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3838379. Todd opened the 3He gas bottle in the hall to prepare the reference cell for running. Later, the cell was evacuated. It's ready to be filled for 1-pass hydrogen running.

So far, all the tasks have been completed except for the target collimator installation. Unfortunately, we had accident around noon today and the target ladder is broken during the collimator installation. It's been investigated with RadCon's support right now and we expect to find out more information soon. 


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