[Hallc_running] [EXTERNAL] E12-10-003 PRL Draft

Carlos Yero cyero002 at fiu.edu
Sun Feb 9 20:11:14 EST 2020

Dear Hall C collaborators,

Attached is a copy of the Physics Review Letters (PRL) draft for the
E12-10-003 Hall C Commissioning Experiment. Please read it and let
us know of any comments or suggestions by March 02, 2020.

Presently, the paper does not have an author list. Holly Szumila-Vance (
hszumila at jlab.org) as a member of the Hall C CC has compiled a list of
author's for the commissioning experiments. The spreadsheet is available at


and we have attached a copy. The list just comes from the shift workers.
We will also include the RCs. It needs to be updated for those who
contributed to the Hall C commissioning and detectors but did not take
shifts. Please check the list for missing people. Contact both  Holly
Szumila-Vance (hszumila at jlab.org) and Carlos Yero (cyero002 at fiu.edu)
to update the list. The next version of the paper will have the author list.

Best Regards,
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