[Hallc_running] (Not your usual) Urgent Call for Shifts for A1n/d2n in Hall C

Xiaochao Zheng xiaochao at jlab.org
Wed Feb 12 11:25:19 EST 2020

Dear All:

Good things come in pairs, like all early pol3He cells were made
Like Hiawatha and Minehaha, as in E142
Like Picard and Riker, or Generals and Prelims, as in E154
Like Don't Worry and Be Happy, as in GDH of A
Like Gore and Bush, as in A1n of 6 GeV.

But we urgently need SL for Thursday Owl, as we have only a lone TO.
And we need a good pair of shift workers for Friday Owl too!


(not your usual) spokesperson of A1n

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